Welcome to GioCoso

GioCoso – a new restaurant by Chef Roy Gerber and Shachar Gadassi.
Realizing that alcohol has an important role in the dining experience, we opened GioCoso, the younger, bolder sister of Cheese restaurant in Beit Hillel. The new concept of GioCoso’s menu, which is a novelty in Haifa, was influenced by the Italian cuisine and now includes a variety of dishes served with alcoholic beverages; sometimes alcohol is incorporated into the dish.
Enjoy our lunch deals, as well as our open bar and atmosphere throughout the day and night.
With a high standard of food, kind, professional service, great music and just your type of drink, you are in for the ultimate experience.

GioCoso's Friends Club


One menu item +
the perfect drink


50 NIS + 2 chasers

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10% points collected on every meal
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