Most of our dishes can be obtained from gluten free
The perfect drink for the dish
You can get a vegan substitute


  • Eggplant Roll 45 NIS

    Slices of eggplant rolled and stuffed with goat cheese, artichoke paste, yogurt and truffles paste in tomato sauce
    Arak Elite Chaser 6 nis

  • Galil Mountain Carpaccio 46 NIS

    Slice rump in olive oil, balsamic vinegar and reduced beef stock with chocolate, spring onion, small radish and Parmesan on top
    A glass of red wine from the barrel 15 nis

  • Margarita Ceviche 48 NIS

    Fresh sea fish with vegetable and fruit that varies according to season, our inspiration and the right cocktail
    Seasonal Margarita 34 nis

  • Black Grilled Baladi 42 NIS

    Burnt eggplant with green tahini sauce and roasted chickpeas, fresh tomato salsa and soft boiled egg
    Chaser Whiskey Black Label 15 nis

  • The Polenta 44 NIS

    Ground corn polenta cooked with butter, cream, parmesan, truffles and roasted champignon mushroom
    Chaser Feigling 9 nis

  • Deep Sea Martini 46 NIS

    Seafood Soup with Shrimps, mussels, zucchini, carrot and leek, prepared in seafood broth and parmesan
    Martini Glass 16 nis

  • House Breads 28 NIS

    Fresh Baked Focaccia, served fresh from the oven with a selection of dips & spreads


  • Cherry Blanc Shrimps 54/85 NIS

    Peeled Shrimps sautéed in white wine, cherry tomatoes, butter, dijon mustard, walnuts and herbs
    Chenin Blanc Assaf Winery Glass 29 nis

  • Mushrooms and Chestnuts Risotto
    Mushrooms and Chestnuts Risotto 62 NIS

    Cooked in a parmesan broth, white wine, cream, porcini and champignon mushrooms, onion, chestnuts and truffles | with a touch of crème’ fresh
    Prosecco Sartori, Italy Sparkling wine 14 nis

  • Seabream Tortellini Lime 85 NIS

    Oven baked Seabream fish fillet, served on handmade tortellini filled with Jerusalem artichoke cream | served in Sage butter and lemon sauce
    mix - Vodka, lime, Sprite and Mint 24 nis

  • Lemon Tortellini Shrimps 64 NIS

    Handmade tortellini filled with arugula, spinach, kale leaves, onion and ricotta | cooked in a white wine, Limoncello, cream with fresh mussel, pickled lemon and shrimps
    Chaser Limoncello piemme 10 nis

  • Cheese Ravioli 67 NIS

    Cream sauce, Saint moor cheese and beets, balsamic vinegar, white wine, porcini mushrooms and thyme
    Chaser Grappa Alexander 9 nis

  • Ravioli De Toro in Whisky 54 NIS

    Handmade ravioli filled with slow cooked beef, served with carrots and onion | in a cream and beef broth with whisky and chocolate
    Chaser Glenfiddich Distillery 12 year 16 nis

  • Saint Moor Aperol 53 NIS

    Selanova lettuce, seasonal fruits, baby radish, and roasted pecans, dressed in an apples and beetroot cream vinaigrette and aperol spritz, served with Saint Moor cheese brûlée
    Aperol spritz 24 nis

  • Yassou Salad 42 NIS

    Chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, red peppers, capers, purple onion, baby radish, and goat feta cheese | dressed with olive oil, lemon, arak (aniseed liquor) and basil
    Chaser Ouzo plomari 10 nis

  • Northern Artichoke Salad 46 NIS

    Spinach and arugula leaves, cherry tomatoes, artichokes, purple onion and chick-pees | dressed with black tahini, olive oil and fresh oregano
    Northern light Cocktail 28 nis


  • Stella Caprese Hamburger 200gm 68 NIS

    Rump and beef short rib ground with pecorino cheese, tomatoes and basil | Served in a bear batter waffle, with melted mozzarella cheese, lettuce, sliced tomato and purple onion | with open fire baked potato, crème’ fresh and hollandaise pesto sauce on the side
    1/3 Stella Artois 21 nis

  • Captain Morgan's Fillet 94 NIS

    Potato gnocchi, beef fillet, champignon and porcini mushrooms, with green beans, chestnuts, and purple onion | In a beef broth, red wine and cream sauce
    Kuba Libra 23 nis

  • Rose a-la Vodka 57 NIS

    Garganelli pasta sautéed in a cream tomato sauce, goat Guada cheese and basil with A SIP of vodka
    Chaser Grey goose 14 nis

  • Tartufo & Gin 65 NIS

    Champignon, shimeji and porcini mushrooms with onion and truffle paste | in parmesan broth, white wine, cream and cream fresh
    Gin, tonic and cucumber 24 nis

  • Mojito Nero 78 NIS

    Black squid ink pasta sautéed with shrimps, and mussels in a cream, white wine, garlic, Dijon mustard and herbs sauce
    Black frozen mojitos, Cocktail 36 nis

  • Sea Carbonara 82 NIS

    Pappardelle pasta, chopped bacon, shrimps, onion, Dijon mustard. Sautéed in a cream tomato sauce, white wine and Pecorino cheese. Served with a fresh egg yolk
    Gewürztraminer Villa Wolf, Germany 23 nis


  • Beef Fillet Bianca 78 NIS

    Bianca pepper cream sauce, beef fillet strips, parmesan and mozzarella, tomato salsa, arugula and a reduced balsamic sauce

  • Bianca Verde \ With Bacon 64/72 NIS

    Bianca nutmeg and garlic cream sauce, blue cheese, pecorino, parmesan and mozzarella, spainach and champignon mushrooms

  • The Sicilian 58 NIS

    Pomodoro sauce, capes, artichokes, parmesan, mozzarella and arugula in truffle aroma

  • Mama Italia \ With Pepperoni. 48/56 NIS

    Traditional Italian pizza pomodoro sauce, parmesan, fresh mozzarella and fresh basil

  • Coso Pizza 55 NIS

    Pomodoro sauce, Kalamata olives, tomatoes, purple onion, chives, mozzarella feta and fresh basil

  • 1/3 Tuborg 17 nis / 1/3 Stella Artois 21 nis

  • You can assemble your pizza with the ingredients used in our pizza selection


  • Crème Brulee Hazelnut 36 NIS

    Rich caramelized vanilla cream served half frozen with hazelnut candy and berry sauce

  • Chocolate Fondant 34 NIS

    Rich chocolate fudge on hot salted vanilla caramel, almond crumble and vanilla ice cream

  • Cheeky Lemon 38 NIS

    Lemon cream wrapped in shortcrust pastry with ricotta ice cream, almond crumble and passion fruit

  • Cheese Cake 38 NIS

    Creamy rich cheesecake, based on chocolate- chocolate cookie and warm caramelized apple sauce on top

  • Affogato 16 NIS

    Scoop of vanilla ice cream and a shot of espresso

  • Amber - dessert sweet white wine 28 NIS

    Odem Mountain Winery. Amber is a dessert fortified white wine, with an Amber color that tends to gold ,deep mature aromas of honey, maple and nuts.


  • Black Coffee 8 NIS
  • Short/ Long Espresso 9 NIS
  • Double/ Long Espresso 11 NIS
  • Macchiato/ Double 9/11 NIS
  • Americano 11 NIS
  • Small Cappuccino 12 NIS
  • Large Cappuccino 14 NIS
  • Ness Café 12 NIS
  • Herbal Tea 10 NIS

    Mint, Lemon

  • Warm Cider with Cinnamon Stick 16 NIS

    Additional red wine 6 nis


Cag beer

  • Tuborg 22/26 NIS
  • Stella Artois 26/32 NIS

Beer bottle

  • Weihenstephan 28 NIS
  • Samersby 24 NIS

    4.5 % Apple Cider Hoocha

  • Kasteel Rouge 32 NIS
  • Corona Extra 18 NIS


  • Finlandia 14/28 NIS
  • Grey Goose 19/39 NIS
  • Riga Black 11/20 NIS


  • Pastis 15/28 NIS
  • Elite Ha'arak 10/19 NIS
  • Patron Silver 14/26 NIS


  • Sauza Silver 14/27 NIS
  • Cuervo Gold 15/28 NIS
  • Patron Silver 26/42 NIS


  • Bombay Sapphire 15/29 NIS
  • Tanqueray London Dry 17/32 NIS


  • Bacardi White 14/26 NIS
  • Bacardi White 14/26 NIS


  • Gin, Tonic and Cucumber 29 NIS
  • Aperol Spritz with Sprite 28 NIS
  • Kuba Libra - Rum, Lime and Coke 32 NIS
  • Vodka, lime, Sprite and Mint 32 NIS
  • Campari, Orange, Lemon 28 NIS



  • Famous Grouse 14/28 NIS
  • Laphroaig 10 Year 21/42 NIS
  • Mcallen 12 Year 24/48 NIS
  • Johnnie Walker – red label 14/26 NIS
  • Johnnie Walker – black label 18/34 NIS
  • Glenfiddich Distillery 12 Year 22/42 NIS
  • Glenfiddich Distillery 15 Year 26/49 NIS


  • Jameson 15/28 NIS
  • Bushmills Black Bush 17/34 NIS


  • Jack-Daniels 18/34 NIS
  • Gentleman jack 20/38 NIS
  • Jack Daniels Honey 16/29 NIS
  • Jack Daniels fire 16/29 NIS


  • Courvoisier VS 21/39 NIS
  • Hennessy VS 21/39 NIS
  • Hennessy VSOP 28/56 NIS
  • Meukow Xpresso 18/36 NIS


  • Martini Bianco 12/22 NIS
  • Martini Rosso 12/22 NIS
  • Martini Extra Dry 13/24 NIS
  • Aperol 13/25 NIS
  • Campari 14/26 NIS


  • Grappa Alexander 13/26 NIS
  • Limoncello Piemme 16/27 NIS


  • Irish Cream 14/28 NIS
  • Feigling 12/20 NIS




  • Gamla Riesling Golan Height Winery 96 NIS

    Cool, refreshing, rounded out with a touch of sweetness

  • Gewürztraminer Villa Wolf, Germany 98/29 NIS

    Classic Gewürztraminer is our sweet recommendation for a delicious sweet and spicy complex


  • Pinot Grigio Casa Venikula Sartori, Italy 25/88 NIS

    Favorable Italian white wine taste, a youthful, light and fruity wine

  • Sauvignon Blanc Gamla Reserve Golan Height Winery 102 NIS

    The wine is vivid, fresh and easy to drink

  • Chenin Blanc Assaf Winery 36/140 NIS

    An elegant golden colored wine characterized in a variety of delicate fragrances. Complimenting every great meal

  • Volcanic Chardonnay Odem Mountain Winery 119 NIS

    Light summery wine, crisp, straw colored. Palate tastes tropical and citrus fruits


  • Prosecco Sartori, Italy 19/77 NIS

    The winning aperitif for every great meal


  • Valpolicielle Casa Venikula Sartori, Italy 25/88 NIS

    From northern Italy, light and tender refreshing wine

  • 4 Seasons Pinotage Assaf Winery 158 NIS

    Asafs' vineyard unique blend, unconventional rich tastes. Mainly consists of Pinotage – South African beloved national wine.

  • Volcanic Merlot Odem Mountain Winery 34/119 NIS

    This wine has a deep fresh red color, its aromas suggestive of wild berries and flowers, as well as mature soft spicy sting Gamla Cabernet Sauvignon Golan Height

  • Gamla Cabernet Sauvignon Golan Height Winery 30/115 NIS

    Our classic Cabernet which never fails

  • Alon Galil Mountain Winery 102 NIS

    This wine has a rich aromas of plum and cherry, well-balanced sourness

  • Yiron Galil Mountain Winery 160 NIS

    Flagship wine of the Galil Mountain winery. An impressive, most tasteful wine, with full body

  • Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Assaf Winery 178 NIS

    Exquisite rich Cabernet Sauvignon, with full body and long ending. The flagship wine of Assaf Winery, classic for Golan Heights locality.

  • Cag red Wine Galil Mountain Winery 18 NIS

    A conquering and tasteful blend of Cabernet and Syrah


  • Jack's coffee 42 NIS

    Jack Daniels honey | Irish cream | cream | espresso

  • Northern light 36 NIS

    Gin Bombay | Midori | passion fruit | lemon

  • White apple 35 NIS

    Lime seasoning vodka | Midori | apples | Protein foam

  • Seasonal Margarita 42 NIS

    Tequila | orange liqueur | lemon squeeze | seasonal fruit

  • Black Mojitos 44 NIS

    Black Sambuca | lemon | Peppermint | Soda

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